The DTC Forum–now serving Napa and Sonoma–collaborate to enjoy networking with direct-to-consumer professionals in the wine industry and explore the ways in which we can expand our collective knowledge and leverage our relationships to enhance our careers.

Who may attend

Meetings and discussions are closed to WINE WOMEN members only.
To be added to the DTC Forum, please follow the following steps:

1) Sign up for the free online community at The Wine Pro Grapevine. ( All WINE WOMEN members can join for free.
2) To join the WINE WOMEN DTC Forum space, on the lefthand side, click on
3) Under the DTC Management Space, click “Request Access”.
4) While you wait for access to the area to be granted, feel free to participate in the other areas of The Wine Pro Grapevine.

What you’ll learn

Learn from experts in the field and engage with your peers to share best practices on a wide variety of DTC topics including tasting room management, wine club coordination, marketing strategies, and much more.

Meet your Forum chair

Christine Fife, A diverse education and business background have provided Christine with a unique perspective in her career as a marketing expert and wine specialist. An IPO gave her the opportunity to take a break from the startup business world and “find herself” in wine! After more than a decade in tasting rooms, managing clubs and marketing for wineries in Sonoma, she realized that there should be an online community for all wine sales and marketing professionals, so she dusted off some of her experience from the software industry and built The Wine Pro Grapevine!

About WINEWOMEN Forums

Our forums provide key components of career development. It is an opportunity for members to regularly discuss and learn about topics within their profession. Building upon one another’s knowledge elevates all forum members’ skills, credibility, and value to employers.

Within the Forums, members develop deep and long-lasting business relationships. These peer-to-peer groups also provide tools, guidance, resources, and support to achieve success.

• Learn key networking skills to maximize your industry involvement.
• Open doors to industry specific opportunities.
• Develop speaking skills and presentations to demonstrate niche knowledge expertise.
• If you’d like your career direction to be as crystal clear as a Riedel Bordeaux glass, join WINE WOMEN today to start building your career path tools with Forums! Members may join as many forums as they wish.

Our Forums include:

• Profession-Specific Knowledge
• Training Seminars
• Networking
• Mentoring
• Maintain Confidentiality
• Relationship Building
• Develop Credibility
• Sales Referrals or Introductions
• Speaking Opportunities