Wine Women organization is run by the all-volunteer Board of Directors and Forum Chairs who plan and execute all the organization’s activities.

With so many terrific, talented and creative members, we know our organization will be so much stronger when more members contribute to guiding it to greater success. Want to take control of your membership success? Contribute as a Volunteer!

Volunteering helps you…

  • Build credibility, trust and recognition for your work in WINE WOMEN;
  • Meet other wine professionals advancing their careers in the wine industry;
  • Enhance your resume with new skills and new experiences;
  • Learn more about WINE WOMEN members, their interests, skills and expertise;
  • Grow your personal and professional network. 

Volunteer Corps Program

Volunteer Corps Program is open to Wine Women Members. Our ultimate goal is to build out a robust Volunteer Corps, encompassing skills, interests and needs across a wide array of projects. Here are some of the projects where we always need help:

  • Events including event planning, hospitality, and Eventbrite management;
  • Marketing including web content writing, photography, and social media management;
  • Member Relations management;
  • Business Development: fundraising and outreach to prospective business partners and corporate members;
  • Administrative and Management, such as digital file and media library organization and Volunteer management. 

Let us know that you are interested in volunteering for Wine Women! It’s a terrific start if you are new to the wine industry, and a wonderful way to give back to community if you are a seasoned wine professional.  

Send us an email and we will get in touch with you to discuss your interests and aspirations.

Thank you for volunteering!