It’s a rare show when the hosts only have one another to talk to. (It was planned!) Often our curiosity is piqued by questions or conversation posed by the hosts to guests. But most of the time we never get to probe further to find out why a specific issue was important to that host.

In this episode, the hosts finally dig a little deeper…

How did Misty Roudebush Cain make the jump from working at AT&T to marketing wine? Tune in to find out! Misty told us her career path, filled with fascinating tidbits about working in a heavily male-dominated industry (telecommunications). Misty’s advice: Take a leap of faith! Get out of your comfort zone; you may find yourself in a whole, new, exciting world you didn’t know about.

Lisa Adams Walter was told in high school she’d end up in Public Relations, but she paid the no attention to the fortune telling. Hear her recount time spent working at Inglenook…during the Heublein years. Like many, Lisa cited the value and importance of finding a great mentor to help her along her career path.

Their stories were fascinating. (You’ll have to hear them…) Tune in to learn more about our two hosts and how they advanced their careers in the wine industry!

Show date: April 23, 2021

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