Jason HolmanWhat do you do with Juris Doctorate degree? Why, become a winemaker, of course! Jason Holman knew by the time he graduated that he wouldn’t be stepping into any courtrooms. The world of wine beckoned during a stint at Kongsgaard, followed by several stints at other Napa Valley and South African wineries. Fast forward to our podcast recording in Jason’s downtown tasting room (which is shared with two other winemaker vintners), and you’ll get a master class not only in natural winemaking but also in Jason’s vision for taking the wine industry in a new direction.

Uncharted Wines Pinot GrisJason’s flagship brand, Uncharted Wines, uses unusual varietals, secluded vineyards, and unconventional production techniques, to provide wine lovers with an unforgettable experience in their glasses. All of these wines are made in very small lots (1-4 barrels) to ensure they retain the finest qualities. Listen in to learn why one vineyard produced an amazing harvest even after being submerged after a flood for months on end. Download and play to learn why Jason wanted to call his Pinot Gris a rosé (but the TTB wouldn’t let him)! Jason is forging his own, unique path in, well, uncharted territory.

Uncharted Wines CarignanRebel Vintners offers something for everyone…including your kids! Jason’s own kids participate in learning about the business, but they’re also young kids. So the three Rebel Vintner partners provide space for kids in their tasting room just like their own. Find toys, games, puzzles and more to keep the youngsters entertained while you sip and sample the many wines available to taste or purchase. For the adults, there’s the wine bar, a reading and conversation nook with deep, plush armchairs. Finishing out the tastefully appointed space are the requisite big screens if you’re dying to stay on top of the latest big game.

Jason Holman and Lynda PaulsonDuring the show we were able to sample Jason’s Pet Nat sparking wine (method ancien), skin-fermented Pinot Gris, Carignan and Tempranillo – only four of nearly a dozen or more wines he makes under his Uncharted brand. Visitors to the Rebel Vintners tasting room may also sample Cadle Family Wines as well as Vine & Leaf brands from his partners. Rebel Vintners  |  Holman Cellars (Uncharted Wines)

Listen to both parts 1 and 2 of the podcast below. Click on the Radio Misfits button below.

Show dates: January 17, 2020, and January 24, 2020

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