Joanie HahnJoanie Hahn, Senior Executive Director and Founding Ambassador of the Boisset Collection, has long been on our radar to guest on the show. So it was thrilling to have her, and General Manager of the Direct Selling Division of Boisset, Melissa Lynch, on the show.

For decades and decades, the wine industry’s sales have been structured through the three-tier system: producers (such as Boisset) sell to wholesalers, who in turn, sell to retailers. Finally, the retailers, wine shops and grocery stores, sell to wine consumers. What a convoluted path to get products into the hands of consumers!

It’s an elaborate, and (some think), archaic sales system that keeps the producer at more than arm’s length from the end consumer.

Melissa LynchWith the Granholm v. Heald verdict in 2005 from the Supreme Court, deciding in favor of wineries having the right to sell directly to consumers, wineries began to pursue direct sales to their biggest fans. Boisset Collection was no different. But they took advantage of the ability to connect with consumers a step (or two or three) beyond that of most wineries.

As we hunkered down with Joanie and direct sales GM Melissa Lynch to discuss the Ambassador program, we learned a lot about what makes their program unique and attractive to consumers who wish to jump into the business of wine.

Joanie was unabashed in proclaiming that her allegiance to helping people connect and have an enjoyable time. The Boisset Ambassador program seemed a natural fit to her skills and passion. After a decade or so in the program, she remains dedicated to building more and more relationships between wine fans and their favorite varieties and blends.

In essence, the Boisset Ambassador program allows anyone to enter the wine business without investing their life savings and having to obtain an intimidating array of licenses and permits. All of the latter red tape is managed by the Boisset organization to ensure all participants meet legal requirements.

Joanie is convinced (and none of us would disagree) that wine brings people together. It helps build relationships, make friends, and conveniently for all – builds many happy memories around a glass of wine.

Tune in to learn how Melissa (as GM of the program) and Joanie (as a founding Ambassador) developed this program nearly a decade ago for enthusiasts and passionate wine lovers to jump into the wine biz.

We learned all about the many levels at which aspiring wine professionals could jump into the business, with well over 100 wines to offer their friends and colleagues, to enjoy the wine country lifestyle in their own homes.

Regardless of whether or not you’re interested in just testing the waters (or wine) or jumping in to become a sommelier, Boisset may have a program for you. But most importantly, Melissa and Joanie would just love to connect with you to hear about what you love about wine!

We can’t argue with that! We’d love to raise a glass with them anytime.

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Show date: October 30, 2020

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